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Logo, Business Card, Letterhead, Social Media & Branding Photography

Introducing Rosye’s Pantry, the delightful venture of Rosanna, a seasoned culinary expert with a wealth of global experience. Specialising in tailored baked goods, wedding cakes, and exquisite royal iced biscuits, Rosye's Pantry offers a touch of luxury and elegance to discerning clients.

When Rosanna approached me, she had a crystal-clear vision: she desired a text-based design that exuded sophistication and luxury. Embracing a palette of emerald green, copper, and grey, she aimed to evoke a sense of indulgence and opulence in her clients when experiencing her delectable creations.

To complement her fresh branding, we arranged an engaging branding photo session. This encompassed refreshing headshots, behind-the-scenes captures, and captivating product images, infusing renewed vibrancy into her brand identity.

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