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Strategy, Design, Branding Photography and Social Media Content Creation

Boere Biltong, an artisanal cured meat supplier in Bahrain, is owned and operated by JC.

JC wanted a mix of the traditional and modern brought through in his branding. He had only one request with this project, that the main icon for his logo is a Nguni skull, an icon which is close to his heart.

We decided to go for a fresh look, with a rustic feel for his product photography. Incorporating a human element like his hands to make the photos more personal.

The main focus of Boere Biltong’s new branding was to showcase a warm, personal experience, as if customers were buying their favourite snacks from a friend.

The new branding struck a chord with the audience, resulting in remarkable sales growth and paving the way for the opening of a physical store in Saar, Bahrain, in August 2021.

Boere Biltong Bahrain, following the redesign of their logo by us, further utilised our Design-on-Demand service for the creation of various assets including social media graphics, packaging, labels, signage, and more, ensuring a cohesive and professional brand presence across all touchpoints.

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